The People’s Orchestra has suffered a ‘devastating blow’

Charity orchestra loses £60k in ‘devastating blow’ as van of musical instruments is stolen

15 hours ago

Musicians play the EyeHarp

The game-changing instruments disabled musicians can play using just their eyes

1 day ago

The Band of the Welsh Guards paid tribute to the late Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf given regal rock tribute by military band at Buckingham Palace

1 day ago


Tchaikovsky’s letters give us an insight into his personal life

Tchaikovsky, composer of the world’s most uplifting ballets, had crippling self-esteem issues

2 days ago


Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf’s isolated vocals on ‘Two Out Of Three’ show the powerful virtuoso he was

5 days ago

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Musician weeps as his instruments are destroyed

Afghanistan: Musician weeps as Taliban burns his musical instruments in front of him

8 days ago


Society dedicated to ‘preserving’ Western classical music sparks accusations of racism

9 days ago

Ruth Slenczynska

97-year-old pianist, and last surviving pupil of Rachmaninov, signs landmark record deal

11 days ago


Big Ben’s clock face

What tune does Big Ben chime? All you need to know about the world’s most famous clock

12 days ago

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Hans Nickel and the WDR Symphony Orchestra

Jaw-droppingly nimble soloist plays virtuosic violin Czardas... on the tuba?

12 days ago


Dr Alex George joins Classic FM to present ‘Inner Harmony’

Dr Alex George joins Classic FM to present ‘Inner Harmony’, a new series on wellbeing and classical music

12 days ago

Listening to music can make us feel happier, says new study

Music takes 13 minutes to ‘release sadness’ and 9 to make you happy, according to new study

12 days ago

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony started life as a piano work

How Beethoven’s iconic ‘da-da-da-dum’ motif was almost lost in a forgotten piano piece

13 days ago


Playing Classic FM ‘could help lift spirits’ in Covid vaccination centres, says MP

Playing Classic FM ‘could help lift spirits’ in Covid vaccination centres, says MP

13 days ago


Bradley Cooper has spent “hundreds of hours conducting”.

Bradley Cooper reveals he is classically trained and ‘has spent hundreds of hours conducting’

14 days ago

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Tamara Rojo is stepping down from her role as Artistic Director at the English National Ballet

After 10 years, English National Ballet’s Tamara Rojo quits to become first woman to lead San Francisco Ballet