Leanne Laine combines music and wine in her art, and it's quite irresistible

5 June 2017, 16:35

Music and wine together on canvas - we reckon this series of paintings is well worth a look.

Here's something for those who know the pleasure of sitting back with a nice glass of wine with a favourite recording gently wafting from the speakers. Or a late night jazz gig, sharing a bottle with friends.

Canadian artist Leanne Laine has made her name in works of art on the subject of wine and all it's elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and vibrancy. Here's a taste:


I know I say this a lot but I cannot thank you all enough for sharing your photos, it's truly a warm welcome into your lives! Thanks so much to Heather for sharing a few of my works from my "Wine Accompaniment Collection" in her beautiful dining room! Wanna see the fourth piece from the collection (visit link below to view)? Can be purchased individually or as a set (and save!). The holidays are upon me and there is very limited time left so please get your orders in before it's too late! Thank you so very much to those of you who are getting them in, really helps me out a lot and as always, I am so very grateful for your support. I hope you have all had a terrific Tuesday, my friends! LL #Cheers #wine #leannelaine #wineart #freeshipping #winelover #musiclover #love #friends #family #repost #regram #regrann #follow @leannelainewineartist http://leannelainefineart.com/the-wine-accompaniment-collection-set-of-4.html

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Now, with a touch of musical elegance...

What's grabbed us is Leanne's striking series around music and wine - with all the vibrancy of a pianistic flourish, and all the elegance of a John Coltrane jazz ballad:

If here works take your fancy, you can discover more on her website, or on her social media channels.