8-bit classics: the best video game versions of classical music

The world of 8-bit video games music collides with the classical masters - here are 6 supremely geeky versions of your favourite masterpieces, all turned into gloriously bleepy 8-bit classics.

Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca

One of Mozart's cheekier numbers is turned into a pixel-busting tour de force. Watch out for the amazing half-speed breakdown in the middle. 


Mussorgsky - Night on the Bare Mountain

This is very Bowser's castle, early Nintendo fans. Spooky, dramatic, magnificent and spectacularly lo-fi. 


Beethoven - Symphony No. 9, 2nd Mvt

It's one of The Master's most furious pieces of music and, strangely, it sounds equally monstrous in this 8-bit version.


Rossini - Overture to The Thieving Magpie

The only thing this magpie thieved was anything that couldn't be bleepified. Worth it for the insanely tinny drum rolls.


Dvorak - Symphony No. 9

Well done to the person who found the time to arrange nearly forty minutes of pure, epic Dvorak for assorted bleeps. The second movement is like a drone masterpiece.


Williams - Jurassic Park

Nothing conveys the wonder of Steven Spielberg and John Williams' dinosaur epic like 8-bit video game noises. "Welcome… to Jurassic Pixels!"