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£40,000 worth of musical instruments stolen in Hexham, Northumberland

£40,000 worth of musical instruments stolen from a workshop in Northumberland

Caeley Niess

Trumpeter plays John Williams in a parking garage - and the acoustic is extraordinary

John Williams

‘That’s quite enough for me’: John Williams to quit scoring 'Star Wars' films

shostakovich metal version

Heavy metal Stravinsky is truly righteous

Guitar smashed

ANOTHER smashed instrument - this time on an American Airlines flight

Star Wars Melodica Men

This Star Wars melodica medley will 100% make your day

stranger things classical guitar

‘Stranger Things’ on classical guitar is way more beautiful than a demogorgon

Tom Petty/YouTuber cover

This beautiful cover of Free Fallin’ is how we want to remember Tom Petty

Hedwig's Theme percussion

Hedwig’s Theme sounds next-level magical in this percussion-only performance

Hedwig's Piano Theme

‘Hedwig’s Theme’ sounds magical in this piano arrangement for four hands

Paganini Caprice 24 Guitar

Paganini played on guitar sounds simply exquisite

Star Wars piano

Watch this pianist's utterly heroic version of the Star Wars theme

radiohead no surprises for classical guitar

Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ for classical guitar is really quite moving

yngwie malmsteen

8 times electric guitars were amazing at classical music

Kitten guitar

This kitten really wants to play Scarlatti

musician every day tips

10 extremely simple things musicians can do every day to make life a little easier

best concertos ever written

These are the 16 most essential concertos in all of classical music

rondo alla turca electric guitar

Mozart’s Rondo Alla Turca played on electric guitar is supremely exciting