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Man appeals for the return of his stolen cello

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic cellist begs for return of ‘soulmate’ instrument

Cellists playing at the British Airway's check-in

Cellists protest British Airways check-in issues by playing an impromptu concert

Dermot Mulroney played the cello in US drama series 'Pure Genius'

My Best Friend’s Wedding actor Dermot Mulroney also plays the cello – and we’re blown away

Bees set up hive in cello

Bees have set up a hive inside this cello

Is Air Canada's cello security too much?

This airline is going to extremes to keep cellos safe – and it's dividing opinion

Cellist plays Brahms on board a flight

Flight attendant calls on cellist to play a Brahms lullaby to help passengers sleep

30 cellos in a swimming pool

These cellists floated 30 cellos in a swimming pool, in the name of art

Stock photos of models playing cellos

These stock photos of cellists are getting roasted on Instagram

Hot cello from Knapp Music

Why you should never, ever leave your cello in a hot car

What's the right orchestral instrument for you?

Which musical instrument is right for you?

Carbon fibre cello

Someone has made a carbon fibre cello and it's beyond beautiful

Cellist fined €50 on a train to Genoa

Cellist fined €50 for taking his instrument on a train in Italy

Steven Isserlis' string snapped

The moment Steven Isserlis’ string SNAPPED in the middle of a concert

The 2016 Edinburgh International Festival & Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Steven Isserlis: ‘Music is an international language – it’d be terrible if we shrink it’

Guy Johnston babies

A top cellist played Bach to his nephews and their reactions were just adorable

Sheku Kanneh-Mason In The Bleak Midwinter

Watch Sheku Kanneh-Mason perform a beautiful version of In the Bleak Midwinter