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lord of the rings still

'Lord of the Rings' voted the nation’s favourite film score for sixth year in a row

Alexandre Desplat

Oscars 2015 winners: Alexandre Desplat wins Best Original Score

Hans Zimmer Interstellar Oscar composer

Hans Zimmer - 'Winning an Oscar is a dangerous experience'

Hans Zimmer Tommy Pearson

Movie music master Hans Zimmer in conversation

Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai

Hans Zimmer: The Last Samurai

The Dark Knight Rises

Hans Zimmer: The Dark Knight Rises

The Lion King

Hans Zimmer: The Lion King

Classic Brit Awards 2013

Hans Zimmer announces London concerts for October


Hans Zimmer - Inception

Classic Brit Awards 2013

Hans Zimmer wants Pharrell Williams to soundtrack his life

alex ebert golden globes

Golden Globes: Alex Ebert soundtrack beats Williams, Zimmer

John Williams

John Williams, Alexandre Desplat and more on soundtrack Oscar longlist

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr and Incubus' Michael Einziger join new Spiderman soundtrack

Pharell Williams

Pharrell Williams to collaborate with Hans Zimmer for new Spiderman score

Classic Brit Awards 2013

Zimmer on Batman vs. Superman score: "It's creating a problem in my head"

Classic Brit Awards 2013

Nicola Benedetti and Hans Zimmer defend Classic BRITs

Hans Zimmer Classic Brit Awards 2013

Hans Zimmer wins Composer of the Year at the Classic BRITs 2013

Hans Zimmer Classic Brit Awards 2013

Hans Zimmer on his Classic BRITs win: "I am terrible at receiving compliments"