National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain announces 2014 players

25 November 2013, 12:41 | Updated: 25 November 2013, 17:29

Following two rounds of auditions over eight weeks in Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol and London, 165 new players have been admitted to the National Youth Orchestra 2014.

Musicians from across the UK are preparing to take part in the 2014 season of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, following the announcement of a new crop of players. Out of the 165 players, 77 are joining the orchestra for the first time - with 83 returning members.

17-year-old violinist Roberto Ruisi is set to lead the orchestra for the third year running, after becoming the youngest ever NYO leader in 2010. "It’s such a privilege to lead this phenomenal group of teenagers who’ve made orchestral music their passion," he said. "My experience each year is that the results we achieve amaze everyone who comes into contact with the NYO. I’m sure 2014 will be no different."

The new orchestra will perform in Leeds Town Hall as part of the International Concert Season, conducted by Pail Daniel. Their programme of Mahler's Symphony No. 5 and a new commission by Larry Groves, The Rules, will then travel to the Barbican Hall in London.

NYO Players List 2014

Violin 1
Roberto Ruisi, Leader, Birmingham, 17*
Violin kindly on loan from Eleanor St. George
Stephanie Childress, London, 14
Seat supported by Peter & Anne Farrar
Angus Bain, London, 18
Naori Takahashi, Surrey, 16
Anthony Poon, Uppingham, 17
Lizzie Daniels, Bath, 15
Ollie Turvey, Brighton, 17
Athena Hawksley-Walker, Twickenham, 15
Seat supported by Nick & Jo Marr
Robert Miller, London, 18
Savannah Brown, Reading, 18
Madeleine Pickering, Guildford, 16
Victoria Gill, London, 17
Gi Dong Park, Billingham, 15
Amelia Gilmartin, Bristol, 15
Maya Saxena, Haywards Heath, 15
Patrick Bevan, Cambridge, 14
Dayna Townsend, Worcester, 18
Jody Smith, Birmingham, 16
Louisa Till, Barnet, 17
Jack Greed, Leeds, 17

Violin 2
Jacob George, Principal, York, 18*
Violin kindly on loan from Mr W M Schatzberger
YeYe Xu, Edinburgh, 18
Elizabeth Nurse, Oxford, 17
Seat supported in memory of Aletta du Plessis
Sophie-Louise Phillips, Northampton, 17
Seat supported anonymously
Scarlet O’Shea, Berkhamstead, 15
Joseph Edwards, Chepstow, 16
Ellen Dunn, Surrey, 15
Joseph Edwards, Chepstow, 15
Sophie-Anne Chaplin, Wickford, 19
Paul Armitage, Ipswich, 16
Emily Hart, Leatherhead, 16
Ermos Chrysochos, High Barnet, 16
Seat supported by Olga Danilova
Leora Cohen, London, 15
Edgar Francis, Gwynedd, 14
Nina Lim, Richmond Upon Thames, 15
Amy Ying, Hertfordshire, 15
Cleo Annandale, Northampton, 16
Naomi Warburton, London, 14
Andrew Birse, Aberdeen, 17
Libby Sherwood, Leicester, 16
Millie Ashton, London, 15

Tilly Chester, Principal,Malvern, 16*
Seat supported by Patrick McKenna
James Orrell, Liverpool, 17
Arran Hope, Canterbury, 16
Viola kindly on loan from The King’s School, Canterbury
Anna Semple, Ashtead, 16
Hannah Robinson, Sussex, 17
Miranda Bailey-Sharam, Manchester, 14
Alinka Rowe, London, 14
Kim Becker, Chorley, 17
Katherine Raven, York, 19
William Harpum, Colwyn Bay, 17
Natalia Senior-Brown, Manchester, 17
Kate de Campos, Stockport, 16
Duncan Commin, Lewes, 16
Seat supported by Sean Overend
Emily-Grace Clifton, Wakefield, 18
Elijah Spies, London, 17
Sehee Lim, Sevenoaks, 15
Abigail Brewster, Bisley, 18
Stacey Newlin, Dorset, 17

Leo Popplewell, Principal, Warfield, 18*
Seat supported by The Paul Morgan Charitable Trust
Jo Twaddle, Leeds, 17
Seat supported by Doreen Moorhouse
Eliza Carew, Birkenhead, 17
William Clerk-Maxwell, Newbury, 17
Andrew Snell, Stockton-on-Tees, 16
Seat supported by The Promenaders’ Musical Charities in memory of Dorothy Walker
Tori Nicoll, Cambridge, 16
Angus McCall, Belfast, 17
Yuri Lee, London, 16
James Heathcote, Rugby, 17
Seat supported anonymously
Georgina Lloyd-Owen, London, 15
Ruth Friedlander, Oxford, 16
Seat supported by Pat & Gus Moore
Henry Hargreaves, Orpington, 16
Laura MacDonald, Woking, 16
Joseph Pritchard, Frome, 14
Megan Rolf, Aberdeenshire, 17
Rebecca Bradley, Barnet, 16
Eva Richards, Antrim, 18
Jessica Bryden, Ripon, 16

Double Bass
Vincent Kehoe, Principal, Tonbridge, 19*
Joseph Cowie, Colchester, 18
Ben Burnley, Glasgow, 18
Matthew Paris, Theydon Mount, 15
Seat supported by Mr Anthony Osmond-Evans
Jessica Price, St Albans, 16
Alex Jones, Stockport, 15
Kai Kim, London, 16
Elen Roberts, Cardiff, 16
Seat supported by Julian & Caroline Nettel
Joe Colvin, Shropshire, 16
Seat supported by Simon Carrington & Alastair Hume
Harry Atkinson, Birmingham, 14
Edward Ball, Guildford, 14
Owen Nicolaou, Hertfordshire, 17
Chris Bevan, Bath, 17

Milo Harper, Principal, London, 16
Esther Beyer, Newton Abbot, 16
Hannah Allaway, Kington, 15
Rosie von Spreckelsen, Guildford, 15

Epsie Thompson, Principal, Llanelli, 17*
Seat supported by the 1948-67 Alumni Group
Jack Reddick, London, 16
Matthew Higham, London, 15
Jenny Whitby, New Forest, 18
Seat supported by Dame Liz Forgan
Mina Middleton, Northampton, 16
Eleanor Blamires, Northants, 16
Imogen Royce, Manchester, 16

Katherine Jones, Principal, Kent, 18*
Imogen Davies, co principal, Cheshire, 18
Polly Bartlett, Wimborne Minster, 15
Francesca Cox, Guildford, 16
Eleanor Sullivan, Truro, 15
Helena Mackie, London, 14
Jonathan Butten, Thundersley, 17

Elliot Gresty, Principal, Cheshire, 18*
Seat supported by Alan Rusbridger
John Tothill, Essex, 17
Anna Webster, Liverpool, 18
Matt Glendenning, Nottingham, 16
James Gilbert, Enfield, 15
Yuma Kitahara, London, 15
Rotimi Osindero, Hitchin, 17

Ho Ting Chan, Principal, London, 17*
William Gough, Buckingham, 16
Lucy Dundas, Newbury, 15
Helen Fraser, Berkshire, 14
Lucy Gibson, Glasgow, 14
Bruce Parris, Pinner, 14

Joel Ashford, Principal, London, 17*
Oliver Johnson, Wokingham, 18
Ben Goldscheider, Hertforshire, 16
Alwin Bucher, Glasgow, 17
Pippa Hampton, Hertfordshire, 17
Oliver Davis, Guildford, 18
Flora Bain, London, 16
Luke Maher, Glasgow, 17
Sophie Bell, Doncaster, 15
Livi Gandee, Machester, 13

Matilda Lloyd, Principal, Sevenoaks, 18*
Seat supported by David Richardson
Katie Lodge, East Molesey, 17
Noah Lawrence, Cambridge, 17
Seat supported by Ursula Jones in memory of Philip Jones
Pippa Scourse, Anglesey, 16
Joe Penaliggon, Wotton-under-Edge, 17
Edward Carew, Birkenhead, 14
Aaron Akugbo, Edinburgh, 15
Tom Parker, Letchworth, 15
Agnes Chandler, London, 14

William Barnes-McCallum, Principal, Barnet, 16*
Christopher Brewster, Bisley, 16
Jim Cooper, Bedford, 15
Samuel Gale, Guildford, 14
Alex East, West Wickham, 15
Samuel Dye, Ashby de la Zouch, 14

Bass Trombone
Ryan Gray, Principal, Belfast, 18*
Adam Crighton, Aberdeen, 18

Chris Karwacinski, Principal, Romford, 18*
Harry Cunningham, Lancaster, 17
Jamie Riddoch, Dorchester, 17

Matthew Farthing, Principal, Ipswich, 18*
Seat supported by Guy & Lucinda Heald
Harry Lovell-Jones, Cardiff, 16
Seat supported by Rajvinder Singh Minhas
Aidan Marsden, Cannock, 17
Seat supported by Steve & Jackie Street in memory of her father Leonard
Tom Pritchard, Leeds, 16
Seat supported by David Hockings
Elizabeth Brightwell-Gibbons, Kent, 17
Elliott Gaston-Ross, Lytham St Annes, 15
Verity Lloyd, Sevenoaks, 16

Bertie Baigent, Oxford, 18

*Leverhulme Arts Scholar