The time Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti sang a tender duet of ‘Cheek to Cheek’

22 March 2021, 17:24 | Updated: 7 January 2022, 14:19

Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti sing duet of ‘Cheek to Cheek’
Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Berti sing duet of ‘Cheek to Cheek’. Picture: Andrea Bocelli: Cinema / Decca Records

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When star tenor Andrea Bocelli was joined on stage by an unexpected, yet rather familiar-sounding, duet partner…

Eight years since their dream wedding ceremony in Tuscany, Andrea Bocelli and his wife, Veronica Berti – along with their lovely daughter, Virginia – continue to be the pride and joy of the small-but-mighty classical music corner of the Internet.

And the latest clip to be resurrected is one of the star Italian tenor singing a duet with actor and producer, Berti, in footage featured on Bocelli’s 2016 DVD Cinema.

With the backing of a smooth jazz band and pianist, Bocelli begins the duet on ‘Cheek to Cheek’ at the piano, in Italian.

As he sings the line ‘you are the most incredible woman, there is’, Berti glides on stage and takes her husband’s hand.

Her voice is sweet as the pair harmonise together, telling their love story through music.

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The Oscar-nominated ‘Cheek to Cheek’ was written by Irving Berlin for the 1935 movie musical Top Hat, which starred Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. In the song, Astaire sings the song to Rogers as they dance.

Halfway through their performance, the pair embrace as Veronica says to her husband “Sei l’amore più incredibile che c’è” (“You’re the most incredible love there is”).

As the song ends, they draw together, cheek to cheek, and Berti plants a kiss on Bocelli.

This isn’t the first time Berti has joined her husband for a surprise duet.

In 2012, the pair took to the stage to sing ‘Qualche Stupido’, an Italian rendition of the Robbie Williams song ‘Something Stupid’ (watch below).

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Berti and Bocelli first met in 2002, when the actor and prized tenor ended up at the same party.

Shortly after, Berti began working as Bocelli’s manager and they became firm friends. But eventually, love prevailed and they married in 2015, after many happy years spent together.

They now have a daughter, eight-year-old Virginia, who recently did her own duet with her dad – a magical take on Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’.